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1-on-1 BI solutions. was formed in 2013 after its founder, Willy Koulichev, decided to offer his more than 20 years cross-industry know-how and professional experience to help ambitious companies succeed with their endeavours in BI, Analytics and Big Data.

Based on the extensive practical experience from many successful BI projects during his years at Accenture and Ernst & Young, Willy formed 1o1 BI to endorse the new business opportunities that next generation BI offers to both business and technical people, and to help in overcoming tomorrow's challenges while creating successful intelligent solutions for the future.
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Our primary concern is solutions providing credible "single truth" across the entire organization!
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Our manifesto

"We always begin with the business needs and bring together the key
IT and business people to shape the information needed and to decide when,
to whom and
how it should
be presented."