BI Strategy and Roadmap

Starting with a few basic questions…
Information is critical business asset today. Managing the variety of data from the myriad of sources and its constantly increasing complexity is not an ad hoc task. It requires effective management based on well-thought strategy and plans.

We can help you ensure that you have the right BI Strategy and Roadmap, by contributing with our long cross-industry experience and "leading edge" know-how.

BI Architecture and Design

The BI architecture design is a straight forward consequence of your specific business needs.
The BI architecture and design should be guided by the business users and it's not an isolated IT exercise about deploying the coolest technology there is out there right now.

Building robust BI architecture, that can evolve in pace with the enterprise, requires deep BI skills and broad professional experience.

BI Project QA and Delivery

BI projects are different!
Managing BI projects requires substantial BI skills and experience. BI projects are often very complex, and associated with many dependencies and risks as a result of the extensive integration with many other systems, vague user requirements, and involvement of numerous people from both the IT and the business side.

A well-structured approach with well-planned QA process (incl. external QA) is among the most important success factors. You wouldn't entrust your BI project to a generic Project Manager.
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